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The getting dot older gallery installation presents the artists' edited material on computer synchronized high definition video projectors and video monitors, with private headphones, touch screen kiosks, and gallery wide surround sound audio. The wall sized projections are screened onto architectural surfaces and sculptural objects placed in the exhibit space. Multiple, irregularly shaped video monitors are mounted inside and onto common household furniture and personal effects - a microwave oven; a sofa;  a coffee table book, a sneaker, and more. The result: visitors are surprised to discover multiple visual and aural experiences as they wander through the space.

The installation will be designed to encourage physical interaction and decisional actions on the part of audience members. Each of these actions is related to changes many people experience as they age - feeling isolated; increased difficulty with physical movements; and hesitancy about making choices.

The  installation’s projection surfaces will be unusually sited, i.e., a sculptural element will be hanging from a ceiling at an acute angle, requiring visitors to look up; projection mapping units will wrap images around architectural features of the venue; The Video Sharing Booth will require audience members to walk into a small booth and draw a curtain (like a voting booth); another aspect will involve audience members getting down on all fours and peering into an everyday object with an embedded video monitor; and another will present a forced choice between two large, mechanical levers, each of which will trigger a different set of images projected into the exhibition space.