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Audience Responses for Roberto Mighty's '' at Mount Auburn Cemetery, Spring 2015

“Powerful, mesmerizing, deeply moving”

“We loved the film/installation.”

“Touching & poetic. Thank you.”

"Roberto captured the essence of Mount Auburn on so many levels - both historic and personal. A number of people were moved to tears watching it. The series of vignettes were so poignant and also immersed the viewer with the sense of the Cemetery landscape." 

“Beautiful photography and music - a sense of the sacred and natural. Wonderful narratives. Very moving!”

“The program captured all that I love about Mt. Auburn Cemetery and more. It was moving and beautiful”

“Beautiful imagery, storytelling was powerful - esp. the Iranian sister and the necklace she made her; loved the poems included and the soundtrack was lovely."

“Sensitive, amazing way to deepen our understanding of this magnificent place, to have the stories speak to us of their lives and those who loved them. Moved by the opening slave narrative & all the others we met.”

“Photography and music was beautiful”

“It’s hard to believe that I have lived in Boston and this is the first visit to this magnificent part of continuing American history!”

“Very touching work, so evocative. Thank you!”

“Poignant, sensitive, made with great care, an entry point, access and guide to the narrative and aesthetic landscape of the cemetery.”

“The visual integration of the natural beauty of the cemetery in the memorial stones & stories was beautiful. It was important to include both intense portraits/stories of families and those of well known/famous people. The connection with slaves/slavery/individuals who escaped or were freed is very moving and important. I didn’t know Harriet Jacobs is buried here & hearing the selection from her novel is so powerful & touching. Thank you.”

“Beautiful photography & stories”

“Wonderful film!”

“A triumph, Roberto, in every way. Beauty and love in all its forms: nature, music, relationships.. Thank you for capturing all that and more, for arranging and combining it all creatively. . .and for sharing it with us. Impressive. Memorable. Love your work.”

“I know I speak for us all when I say we were blown away by your film.  I'm flabbergasted thinking of how much energy and time it takes to pull off a project like that.

“And thrilled to think you have another two Artist-in-Residence projects coming.... that we will get to watch.”

“Fantastic work.  Cannot wait for the following projects.”

"Beautiful conception and execution.”