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artist statement

What does “getting older” mean? If you could go back in time and counsel your younger self, what would you say? What is your greatest regret? How has sex changed for you? Looking back, how are you like or unlike your parents?

In an era when 80-year olds run marathons, 50-year olds give birth, and 70-somethings program computers - the definition of “aging” is in flux.  However, as the entertainment, news, fashion, and advertising industries sharpen their obsession with 20-somethings, people over 50 may feel left out.

I am traveling across America, filming interviews and hanging out with diverse people, ages 50-100. They each respond to the same 20 questions, and many are kind enough to let me film them going about their daily lives.

getting dot OLDER explores how people feel about aging using documentary filmmaking, artistic editing and multimedia installation. Gallery visitors will be challenged, delighted and disturbed by some of the storytelling, but they will also have the opportunity to contribute to this body of work and become part of the exhibit themselves.

I’ve learned that many people have strong feelings about aging, but they feel shame or disempowerment around their pains, joys, fears and hopes for the future. This project gives voice to these sometimes secret feelings. - Roberto Mighty