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Roberto is traveling around the USA filming interviews and brief documentary portraits with diverse people, ages 50 - 100.


The participants include a transgender Harvard astrophysicist; a retired Missouri church lady who teaches yoga; a struggling Vermont cattle farmer; a ballroom-dancing Chinese language teacher; a retired Navy officer who lost his son to cancer; a California mountain climber trying to make it as a Hollywood actor; a Puerto-Rican opera singer, and many others.

Editing and Film

In his Boston digital editing studio, Roberto combines, collates, disrupts and edits the raw material into unique artistic vignettes of our aging nation.


The traveling gallery installation uses clips from Roberto’s cross-country HD video interviews; large scale immersive projections; interactive touch-screen kiosks, and a video sharing booth.


Gallery visitors will be challenged, delighted and disturbed by some of the storytelling. Some of the screens will be activated by touch-screen kiosks using associative searches, thus rewarding content choices by individual visitors.  Via the Video Sharing Booth, visitors will also have the opportunity to contribute to this body of work and become part of the exhibit themselves.


Additional clips and immersive experiences will be available on the companion online mobile gallery, as will opportunities for visitors to upload their own time-delimited, curated response videos to the site. With a social media sharing plan, the Artist's vision is for this project to continually expand over a long period of time. The depth of material makes it unlikely that visitors will have a repeatable experience, thus rewarding long stays and multiple visits.